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Friday, September 30, 2011   /   by Aaron Kinn

New Post Title

I just read a fascinating article about Dallas Foreclosures. Here is a snippet..

Las Vegas (CNN) -- In the brutal heat, Mike Forizs ventures out of his North Las Vegas home to take out the trash.

"If I go over and look at the house on the corner, there are broken windows," he says. It appears to be a party hangout, with empty booze and soda bottles that can be seen through a broken pane.

"People don't care when they're getting ready to leave."

Welcome to one of the top foreclosure areas in the nation, the sunny Las Vegas area.

There are plenty of "For Sale" signs, up and down the street. Front doors are littered with tacked-on notices: "You are in danger of losing your home. Your home loan is being foreclosed.

"This property has been determined to be vacant and abandoned."