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12 Common Mistakes When Completing a Hud Contract

What happens if the contract isn't filled out "just right"?

Contract Corrections Cost Time and $$$

The HUD Sales Contract 9548 and accompanying addenda must be filled out correctly and on time or HUD will cancel the bid. This often costs you extra expense in overnighting corrected documents a 2nd or even 3rd time. Eventually, HUD can cancel your bid and automatically award a backup bid, thus you lose the chance to start over and bid again and have spent all that time and money.

So to minimize expense, and hassle to both you and your buyer, it's best to take the time to follow the step-by-step contract instructions right away after being notified you have won the bid, and even before you place the bid.

Before Bidding - What Should I Have in Hand?

Lender Letter/Proof of Funds, Earnest Money, copy of ID, SS#, Contract
Optimally, the more prepared you are upfront, the better your chances of successfully selling a HUD home and of keeping your buyer happy. When you win a HUD bid, the clock starts ticking! You have two business days to get everything to the seller - that means really one business day to get everything together because you'll be overnighting documents - so it's best to have all you can in hand before placing a bid.

Lender Letter - Proof of Funds: It's one thing for the buyer to tell you they can get the loan or have the money in the bank, it's another thing to tell them they won the bid and you need the documents this afternoon. What if their loan officer is off today, or your buyer is

working until 5? Or if they misunderstood the type of loan they were pre-qualified for? What if the Proof of Funds is in an account name different than the purchaser's name on the contract? Best to get these items straightened out before bidding - it shows your buyer you know what needs to be done and are giving them the best chance of being able to buy the home.

Earnest Money: If the buyer is getting financing, make sure the earnest money is "sourced" or there could be a problem down the

road with underwriting approval. Having the earnest money in hand before placing the bid serves to both strengthen the buyer's commitment and reduce time needed to put the contract together after you win the bid.

Copy of ID/SS#: When you place a bid, you are saying that the person is who they say they are and that their social security # is correct. I've found the best way to be sure is to ask for the identification. If the SS# is incorrect, the contract will get cancelled and the buyer may lose the chance at resubmitting a bid. Contract and Disclosures: You should have the buyer sign your

office contract and disclosures, even though they all won't be part of the HUD package. This is so your buyer understands the home buying process, and it is also a good risk management practice. Further, some E&O insurance will not cover a transaction unless you've completed the proper paperwork with your client.

Contract Corrections

12 Common Contract Correction Requests

1) Line 12 of the HUD Contract - buyer forgets to initial or initials in the wrong place
2) Name on contract does not match the name on the Bid Confirmation page from www.HUDHomeStore.com

3) Line 2 - Style is blank or incorrect
4) Financing type on the contract is different that the type specified in the bid
5) Lead Paint Addendum - Broker doesn't initial or puts a check mark instead of initial
6) Lender Letter is missing needed items such as loan type, loan amount, sales price, that the credit was verified, signature or name of loan officer with their title and contact information

7) Earnest Money not certified funds made payable to HUD or Buyers

name for the correct amount. Example: If my buyers name was Walter Payton my check would read:
HUD or Walter Payton
8) $$$ amounts on lines 5, 6a, 6b and 7 do not match the Bid Confirmation page from

9) The buyer/broker signs the HUD contract in the space for HUD's signature area

10) If the agent is signing for the broker, the Authorization Letter is not included
11) "White-Out" is used - not allowed.
12) HUD contract (9548) is not signed and initialed in original blue ink

More Resources

Getting it Right the First Time

Using the pre-populated contract options on the

www.HUDHomeStore.com website and www.SageACQ.com website can help you have a nice, neat contract package to take to your buyer. Also, print out any contract instructions and go through each one, line-by-line.
Before sending it out, double-check everything. Lastly, make a copy for you and the buyer. If the HUD Sales Contract needs any correction, the whole form must be redone and overnighted - I've often seen an agent correct one mistake but make another error somewhere else because they didn't have their original copy to go by. You can also have someone look over your contract who has sold several HUD homes.
Being meticulous and planning ahead will help you shine to your buyer.